Online Current Map Documents

These map documents are provided in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).   Many modern browsers are capable of displaying these documents natively without needing any additional support.   Otherwise, the Adobe Acrobat Reader may be required to view these files and is freely available for download here.

CONTENT:   Unless otherwise noted, the map documents provided here are identical to printed maps available from the Community Development Planning Counter.

VIEWING:   These are detailed maps, designed to be printed on 24" x 36" paper, and thus some of the files are quite large.   If you experience trouble due to the large file size, you may wish to right-click on the PDF link and save the file locally rather than try to download it and view it online.

PRINTING:   The Adobe Reader can scale these maps to fit on a standard 8-1/2" x 11" page, though most of these maps contain detail that will be difficult to read at such a reduced scale.

DISCLAIMER:   All of these maps are subject to the standard disclaimer.

San Joaquin County Base Map 4.36M PDF
San Joaquin County Base Map (Aerial) 20.8M PDF
San Joaquin County Base Map (Hillshade) 17.4M PDF
Airport Influence Areas 3.11M PDF
Areas Subject To Flooding 4.28M PDF
Board Of Education Trustee Areas 2.99M PDF
Building Inspector Areas 2.94M PDF
Driveway And Fire Road Zones 2.96M PDF
Expansive Soils 4.84M PDF
Fire Districts 3.11M PDF
Fire Hazard Severity Zones 2.89M PDF
Important Farmland 5.11M PDF
Irrigation Districts 3.02M PDF
Planning Areas 2.97M PDF
Public Land Survey System Sections 3.19M PDF
Primary/Secondary Delta 2.92M PDF
Reclamation Districts 3.39M PDF
School Districts 3.01M PDF
Sewer Districts 2.89M PDF
Supervisorial Districts 2021 4.0M PDF
Supervisorial Districts 2021 (as adopted 2021-12-07) 4.0M PDF
USGS 1:24K Quads 25.5M PDF
USGS 1:24K Quads Index 2.68M PDF
Water Districts 2.87M PDF
Zip Codes 2.98M PDF
Census 2000 Tracts and Block Groups 3.87M PDF
Census 2010 Tracts and Block Groups 2.17M PDF
Assembly Districts 2021 2.91M PDF
Congressional Districts 2021 2.88M PDF
Equalization Districts 2021 2.86M PDF
Senatorial Districts 2021 2.86M PDF

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