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About San Joaquin County Geographic Information Systems:

The San Joaquin County Community Development Department established the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) group in 1996.  GIS is responsible for maintaining much of the County's map data in electronic form, as well as performing map-based analysis and providing support for other County departments.  GIS also provides a wide variety of services to other local and regional agencies both public and private.

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Redistricting Archive - historical odds-and-ends from prior Supervisorial Redistricting

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08/12/2021 - US Census has released the PL94-171 Redistricting Data in legacy format:

San Joaquin County779,233
Escalon City7,472
Lathrop City28,701
Lodi City66,348
Manteca City83,498
Ripon City16,013
Stockton City320,804
Tracy City93,000

10/19/2020 - US Census has completed 2020 Census data collection and published response rates per state and detailed maps of self-response rates. Summary:

Area/TopicResponse Rate
US total response rate99.9%
CA total response rate99.9%
CA self-response rate69.6%
CA non-response follow-up rate30.3%
SJC self-response rate69.1%
SJC internet self-response rate52.9%

05/01/2020 - California Department of Finance has released the E-1 Population Estimates for 2020:

San Joaquin County773,632
Escalon City7,478
Lathrop City26,833
Lodi City67,930
Manteca City84,800
Ripon City15,930
Stockton City318,522
Tracy City95,931

05/01/2019 - California Department of Finance has released the E-1 Population Estimates for 2019:

San Joaquin County770,385
Escalon City7,765
Lathrop City24,936
Lodi City68,272
Manteca City83,781
Ripon City16,613
Stockton City316,410
Tracy City92,800

05/01/2018 - California Department of Finance has released the E-1 Population Estimates for 2018:

San Joaquin County758,744
Escalon City7,558
Lathrop City24,268
Lodi City67,121
Manteca City81,345
Ripon City15,847
Stockton City315,103
Tracy City92,553

11/09/2017 - The 1:12,000 Scale Maps series is available.

1/15/2017 - US Census has released the 2011-2015 ACS 5-Year Estimates:

San Joaquin County708,554
Escalon City7,320
Lathrop City19,678
Lodi City63,589
Manteca City72,251
Ripon City14,801
Stockton City299,722
Tracy City85,284

1/29/2014 - US Census has released county-level annual population estimates through 2012, based on the 2010 Census: // Synopsis for San Joaquin County for the most current vintage (V2012) as of this writing:

CENSUS 04/01/2010 POP685,306
ESTIMATES BASE 04/01/2010685,308
POP ESTIMATE 07/01/2010687,516
POP ESTIMATE 07/01/2011695,626
POP ESTIMATE 07/01/2012702,612

02/08/2013 - California Department of Finance has released county-level projected populations through 2060: // Synopsis for San Joaquin County:

POP PROJECTION 07/01/2010686,588
POP PROJECTION 07/01/2015725,884
POP PROJECTION 07/01/2020810,845
POP PROJECTION 07/01/2025905,852
POP PROJECTION 07/01/20301,004,147
POP PROJECTION 07/01/20351,110,972
POP PROJECTION 07/01/20401,213,708
POP PROJECTION 07/01/20451,299,382
POP PROJECTION 07/01/20501,379,333
POP PROJECTION 07/01/20551,459,187
POP PROJECTION 07/01/20601,538,313

08/16/2011 - New State-wide political boundaries adopted 08/15/2011, maps available here.

08/03/2011 - New Supervisorial District boundaries adopted 08/02/2011, new map here.

3/8/2011 - US Census has released PL 94-171 redistricting data for California.
   Actual count of total population from Census 2010 for San Joaquin County: 685,306
   (representing approximately 21.6% growth over the Census 2000 count of 563,598)

3/7/2011 - US Census has released county-level annual population estimates for 2000-2010: //, synopsis for San Joaquin County:

CENSUS 2000 POP563,598
ESTIMATES BASE 2000563,660
POP ESTIMATE 07/2000568,001
POP ESTIMATE 07/2001590,917
POP ESTIMATE 07/2002608,330
POP ESTIMATE 07/2003625,512
POP ESTIMATE 07/2004640,921
POP ESTIMATE 07/2005654,254
POP ESTIMATE 07/2006659,452
POP ESTIMATE 07/2007664,594
POP ESTIMATE 07/2008668,022
POP ESTIMATE 07/2009673,795
POP ESTIMATE 04/2010681,063
POP ESTIMATE 07/2010683,494

12/29/2010 - US Census has released 2010 Census Redistricting Data (P.L. 94-171) TIGER/Line Shapefiles for California. More information, as well as locally reprojected versions of some of this data, are available here.

Census 2010 Participation Rates, Map by Tract, as of 04/21/2010 (PDF)

Census 2010 Participation Rates, Map by Tract, as of 05/10/2010 (PDF)

Census 2010 Participation Rates, Map by Tract, as of 12/30/2010 (final) (PDF)

Final overall response rates were as follows: ( // - no longer valid, try here instead)
National: 74%
  California State: 73%
    San Joaquin County: 72%
      Escalon City: 78%
      Lathrop City: 71%
      Lodi City: 76%
      Manteca City: 75%
      Ripon City: 79%
      Stockton City: 69%
      Tracy City: 74%



Would you like a map of San Joaquin County for your school's classroom?  Read about our map recycling program, where retired printed maps are available free of charge to qualified public agencies.