GIS Data Request


San Joaquin County GIS can produce a current/custom export/extract of our data on demand, subject to duplication fees.

(If you do not require the most current data, you may instead wish to see the GIS Data Download page instead, to obtain data from the most recent periodic export without incurring duplication fees.)

A completed Data Agreement is required for all requests.

Format:   ESRI Shapefile

Fees:   $40.00 for the first layer, $15.00 for each additional layer.   (includes labor and media costs)

Please make checks payable to "The San Joaquin County Treasurer"

Please send agreement and payment to:
  1810 E Hazelton Ave
  Stockton, CA  95205

Consult the Dataset List to determine data availability.


Frequently Asked Questions regarding GIS Data Requests:

Q: Why is there a fee associated with this data?  What about Attorney General's Opinion 04-1104 as it regards the Public Records Act? (Government Code Sections 6250-6276.48)?

A: Strictly speaking, there is no fee for the data itself, the fee covers the reproduction of the data. The San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors have established and authorized this statutory fee structure pursuant to Government Code Section 54985 (Attorney General's Opinion 01-605 dated November 1, 2002).   GIS staff are not at liberty to waive these fees.


Q: Do you accept credit or debit cards?

A: No, we are unable to accept credit/debit card payments.


Q: Do you accept PayPal or other electronic funds transfers?

A: No, we are unable to accept any such payment methods.


Q: Can you provide the data up front, then bill for it later?

A: No, we do not operate on an 'accounts receivable' basis. Payment is due prior to work performed. We can provide an invoice upon request if your accounting process requires one in order to generate a check.


Q: What is the turn-around time for a data request?

A: Once payment is received, data requests are processed as soon as is possible - typically that day, or within a few days, depending on staffing levels and current workload.


Q: How are data requests delivered?

A: Data is typically delivered on optical media (CD/DVD) via postal mail.


Q: Can I request some other method of delivery?

A: Yes, but contact us in advance to make sure it's feasible. You may pick up the data in person. You may have the data emailed to you, provided that the requested dataset is small enough (for example, parcels and/or street centerlines are typically too large for many email accounts to handle). We do not have an FTP site that you can "pull" from - however if you have an FTP site we can "push" to, then we can accommodate that method.


Q: Can I request the data in a format other than ESRI Shapefile?

A: We can export to several common formats, though ESRI Shapefiles are the most widely supported. Please contact us in advance of your request to ensure that we can produce your desired format. Then please indicate that desired format somewhere on your request.