Census 2010 Data

News: 12/29/2010 - US Census has released 2010 Census Redistricting Data (P.L. 94-171) TIGER/Line Shapefiles for California.

As a convenience for local persons/entities/agencies interested in working with US Census data, we are providing reprojected versions of some of their data in the coordinate system used within San Joaquin County GIS (California State Plane Coordinate System Zone 3 NAD83 US Survey Feet).

Original source data obtained from:
state-level data
county-level data

The reprojected files presented here are not intended to replace the original source files, nor does this set of files contain the complete set of source data available. This data is provided as a convenience only. Those seeking more authoritative data should consult the original source.

This data is technical in nature and requires certain skills and appropriate software to access and use successfully. San Joaquin County cannot and will not provide any technical support for the use of this data. The US Census provides technical documentation for the content of these files.

For the county-level files, no other modifications other than reprojection have been performed.

For the state-level files, only those features that occur within San Joaquin County are present in these files.

This data is provided as ESRI shapefiles in Zip archives.

This data is provided as is, without warranty of any kind.
Any use of this data shall constitute acceptance of these terms.

Data Layers:
Census Features
Census Tract
Census Block Group
Census Block
Administrative Features
County Subdivision
Elementary School District
Secondary School District
Unified School District
Political Features
111th Congressional District
State Legislative District Upper Chamber (State Senate)
State Legislative District Lower Chamber (State Assembly)
Voting District
Reference Features
Area Hydrography
Linear Hydrography
Area Landmark
Point Landmark