General Plan 2010 Archive

These maps are an attempt to preserve a copy of the original state of the maps as they appeared when adopted as part of the General Plan 2010. The original adoption date of the maps was July 29, 1992.  The General Plan was again published as amended dated November 2005.

At that time, the maps were prepared on mylar, and the mylar originals were subsequently updated through (circa) 1999 to reflect amendments to the plan.  So original copies exist only as paper run-offs from the mylar circa July 29, 1992.  Most original copies have since been worked on, marked up, given away or otherwise lost. There is no known full set of original maps that has been preserved by the Community Development Department.

This collection represents the oldest known still-existing copies of these original maps at the time of scanning (July 2009).

Those maps without revision dates can be considered originals, as published in the plan.  Those with revision dates must be evalutated to ascertain whether or not they contain revisions that may not have been present at the time the plan was published. If you have access to an older version of any of these maps, please contact SJC GIS so that the map can be scanned.

Map NameRevision DatePDFComments
Lodi12/1993pdfhas some hand markups at 99/Woodbridge
Mountain House08/1994pdfdate given appears to be creation date
New Jerusalem/Vernalisoriginalpdf 
Stockton NE01/1993pdf 
Stockton NW01/1993pdf 
Stockton SE01/1993pdf 
Stockton SWoriginalpdf 
Tracy East04/1993pdf 
Tracy West05/1994pdf 

(1) The text of the General Plan 2010 refers to this map as "Farmington/Peters" though the map is actually titled "Peters/Farmington".
(2) The text of the General Plan 2010 and the index map both refer to a "Riverbrook" map but no such map was actually included.